Become An Affiliate

get paid $20 commission for each customer each month! (including all recurring payments).

Unlimited Commissions

There is no limit. The more clients you refer, the more commissions we’ll pay you. Plain and simple.

Earn On Every Sale

We’ll pay you $20 for every month that your client is a subscriber, recurring payments, upgrade, all of them.

Tier 2

If your subscribers bring people, we’ll pay you $10 for every month for them as well!

How much can I make as an Affiliate?

Lets say you bring 100 people:
100 x $20 = $2,000.00

Your clients bring in 100 people in total then:
100 x $10 = $1,000.00

Then your total earnings will $3,000.00

How Can I Become An Aurum FX Affiliate?

Anyone can become Aurum affiliate and it’s Free.

  • 1. Purchase an AurumFX subscription

    Every affiliate must be a customer first. this link.



    2. Activate Affiliate Account

    After creating standard client account you will be able to activate your Affiliate Account using this link.



    3. Get Your Referral Link

    Refer customers with your unique referral URL and start earning.