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What is Aurum FX?

We are an Innovative team that utilizes a combination of expert advisors and algorithmic technology, delivering the first of its kind trading ecosystem. Aurum FX is built with the knowledge and expertise of seasoned traders and proven trading algorithms. This system empowers all traders to overcome the most significant factors: time, emotion, and performance! This is the future of Trading!

Test Drive Today! Results or 14 Day Money Back Guarantee!!!

Why is Aurum FX better than a Human?

Emotional Trading!! As experienced traders, we know that emotion can take over when things don’t appear to be going our way, and sometimes actions by the human traders can maximize losses or minimize profits. If you are not yet a master of mindset and strategy or if you simply need some freedom, Aurum FX can be an invaluable asset.

Test Drive Today! Results or 14 Day Money Back Guarantee!!!

Why Aurum FX?

Aurum FX features three breakthrough trading modes that are revolutionizing the Forex trading industry with softwares that don't grid, cost average or use martingale to make money.


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Get the exciting returns of the Forex market without the gut wrenching risk. SurfCycle takes the “Warren Buffet” or “indexed” approach to the market.
This intelligent trading software surfs the market cycles and trades a portfolio (index) of currencies using stop-loss protection on every trade so risks are minimized and a smooth equity growth curve is delivered.

How it works?

Aurum FX was founded to help traders like you generate income by utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence. Our powerful approach includes a mixture of training and technology to help you succeed in all market conditions. Think of Aurum FX Artificial Intelligence software as your employee(s) that never get tired, never become emotional, never deviate from the strategy and are truly robotic in their trading which is something every great trader strives toward.

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  8. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Forex trading involves risk. Losses can exceed deposits, this is not a solicitation to invest.